Moola Ram
Agronomist Farmer
   Welcome      Retaining Human Qualities

Most of us take birth and die in this mortal world without knowing the reason of it. It matters when one finds helplessness from all corners and understands no meaning of life. No matter how much wealth we have accumulated, no matter whichever position we have acquired, unless move towards the real objective of coming into this life, we will never get ever happiness and there will remain no meaning of our life.

Have we ever thought why we are human being? We could have been plants & trees, we could have been insects & ants, we could have been reptiles & pisces, we could have been animals or any other forms of life, why human being?.

There is an objective behind providing us this division of life. It is the secret and knows only the creator or a human being experiencing the creator. But it is true that any creature can be happy only when whichever form the creator has molded him, he accepts and plays his role in true sense of his form. If the creature does not obey the will of the creator, the creature can never be happy. For example we in the human form can be happy only when we play our role in true sense of human being. Merely being physical human form but behaving like any lower creature will never make us happy.  

Human form is the top form of the creature because of its top qualities and always retaining the qualities of a human is being human.  There must be a logical conclusion behind what we do in life, behind each & every activity of our life. We must live our life in such a manner that no creature is hampered because of our actions. We must not do any work blindly without thinking its pros & cons but perform only those activities which defines us a human being. If we become a true human being then happiness will come automatically.

Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, these five are the well known enemies to destroy the qualities of a human being. If we are strong enough to surpass these five dark qualities, we are able to become a true human being. But this is not one night process. These five enemies are like wild animals which can not be controlled by suppressing at once. First we are compelled to rear these wild animals, once they are reared then we can have control over them. It is slow process and much of patience is required to win over these bad qualities. In nutshell, we should understand that:

v    Human form of life is very precious gift from the GOD because it is rarest of rare opportunity that a soul gets human form in the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, we must not vanish our life spending our time here & there but we should always try to achieve our real goal to move towards human perfection. There is no guarantee that in next every birth we will get human form. So we have this golden chance now to do the best of our life we can do.

v    Lust is the lowest activity of mind and one, who indulges in it, looses the power of body as well as purity of soul. Therefore, we must not have a desire of lust.

v    We should try to always be cool and calm to control over anger.

v    We should not accumulate the wealth more than our need otherwise it will make us greedy.

v    Attachment is the thing that makes us unhappy from both angles directly and indirectly. For example, illness of my body makes me unhappy because I am directly attached to it. But illness of my friend also makes me unhappy because I love my friend and thus myself is indirectly attached to illness of my friend. So we should learn to live free from all attachment whether it is with our relations or with our physical things, means in any way it should not affect our life.

v    Ego makes the man hollow. We know that nothing is permanent with us. Our wealth, our position, our relations, or even our body which is closely related to us, will leave one day our company. Who knows when will we have to be called back to our supreme father? Things which are uncertain and always changeable how can we make ownership over it? When there is no ownership then why unnecessarily have ego of it. Therefore, understanding that whatever we get in this mortal world is not stable with us, we should never have ego of it. No matter whether at one moment we become the king of world, we should always live simple and natural keeping ourselves far away from ego.

 I know inculcating all these qualities is very-very difficult. But nothing is impossible if one has strong will power to do it with the support of complete master. We know our mind can go to extreme of highest level of the activity as it is evident from all the scientific inventions which are our mind’s creature. But the same mind can go to extreme of lowest activity (kidnapping, rape, murder, etc.) which is evident from daily news papers or other media that we need not to mention here in detail. Therefore, now it is in our hand where to move our mind, upward or down ward.

I have written a good volume of a page above.  It does not mean that I have got the perfection towards being human. But trying to be the same, may God help me to follow the words written by my own and help me retain all human qualities in my life by always remembering these things.

                            Wish you a very happy and prosperous life.

--- Moola Ram